Timeless Philosophy

Our vision is to create a wide range of decorative ornaments that celebrate life and birth! 

We like to design and create keepsakes of great sentimental value which will offer a mental connection with the most important events of your lives. We hope that each of our creations will be a constant reminder of all the wonderful feelings that came with the birth of your child...


Διακοσμητικά νεογέννητο ιδέες για δώρα μωρά

Αποτύπωμα πατουσάκι μωρού αναμνηστικά δώρα

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What We Do

The birth of a child is, undoubtedly, the most magical moment in our life. We affectionately refer to the baby's first footprint taken in the hospital right after birth, as 'the first step'.

We want to give you the chance, as our smallest tribute to the magic of birth, to keep the memories and feelings of that day, alive forever.

With the help of technology we capture this 'first step' in your baby's life and incorporate it in a series of personalized decorative keepsakes made out of original high quality materials (eg. Solid wood, acrylic, aluminum)


The process is generally very simple for you. All you have to do is scan or take a good close-up photo of the footprint​ and send it to us.

We then work our little magic and carefully prepare all the information and the footprint to be laser engraved on the keepsake of your choice

What do I need to do?


If you want to order your unique keepsake, you will need to have a copy of your baby's footprint from the hospital. If you don't have it, or never knew it existed, you can simply apply for a copy at your hospital.


choose your favorite design from our collection and complete your order in our e-shop


scan (preferably) or take a good close-up photo of your baby's footprint


email us the scanned footprint and make sure to include the unique order no. you received from our store


wait and receive your unique keepsake at your doorstep!

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