Our vision will always be to design things that make us smile

and remind us of the most innocent time of our lives

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These smart night lights run on LED technology (extremely low power consumption), do not overheat (so they are safe to touch) and produce a soft ambient light.

We are pretty confident that within our ever expanding collection of designs you will find the perfect one for your nursery/kids room!

Διακοσμητικά νεογέννητο ιδέες για δώρα μωρά

Αποτύπωμα πατουσάκι μωρού αναμνηστικά δώρα

Για μαιευτήριο babyprint baby print

Timeless Memories

The birth of a child is, undoubtedly, the most magical moment in our life. We affectionately refer to the baby's first footrpint taken in the hospital right after birth, as 'the first step'.

We want to give you the chance, as our smallest tribute to the magic of birth, to keep the memories and feelings of that day, alive forever.

With the help of technology we capture this 'first step' in your baby's life and incorporate it in a series of personalised decorative keepsakes made out of original high quality materials (eg. Solid wood, acrylic, aluminum)



Why not check out our new addition

of custom namesigns!

They are the perfect decoration for any

nursery or kids room and our design

collection is ever expanding!

Choose your favorite!

How about some functional and creative products for the kitchen?

We started off with designing a new collection of babyplates inspired from the animal kingdom and will be adding new stuff regularly!

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